Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Judge people by your heart, not eyes. We are learning =))

As the title written, Judge people by your heart, not eyes. We always forget about that. We easily get agitated by people's action and judge them. I did as well. We should understand that human's action could be of impulse. It is unforgiven because they somehow ever been thinking that wrong way. It is forgiven because you never know they might be so guilty and never-meant-to-do-so actually.

Time flies. I completed my pre-u finally. Praying hard for the result now of course. Recalling back the times spending at Inti. Making new friends, mingling around, fooling around, getting know each other better and better as time goes by. There were moments fulled with warmth, crazzzzzziness, misunderstandings and hatred I would say. I am not sure how you guys judge me. With what I did I reacted, with what you did you reacted, I gift a SORRY and a THANK YOU.

My future is uncertain. I am not sure which uni-life I am gonna get. Whether I am still with the same batch of buddies who I used to be with. I am not sure whether times could turn us into a true friend or not. What I know is: Days couldnt be any better without anyone of you appearing in my life. I try to be tough. Be good. Be a better person.
Have a nice day. Say 'Keju' ='))

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kiesha Abrahams

Kiesha Abrahams, is a six-year old child reported missing since 1st August. Kiesha was last seen at 9.30pm on Saturday when her mother, Kristi Abrahams, put her to bed in pink pyjamas and a purple Pumpkin Patch jacket at their apartment block unit on Woodstock Ave at Hebersham, in Sydney's west. She was reported missing on Sunday morning after her mother discovered her bed empty and the front door ajar but it showed no sign of forced entry.

A series of investigaitons had been carried out by the police after that. Also, they were looking at cash payments made into the couple's bank account in the weeks before Kiesha disappeared on August 1. Mr Smith reportedly had already given police his account details. However, they refused to comment on allegations they received a series of mystery payments into their bank account.

Police revealed that they are confident they know who is responsible for the disappearance of Kiesha Abrahams and it is only a matter of time before the suspect is arrested. Recently, there was even speculation at Wheeler Oval in Sadleir that police were looking for the six-year-old. However, police have denied it.

Residents said that the oval is a frequent dumping ground for local mechanics and workmen, who access it from under a nearby bridge over Cabramatta Creek.

Sadlier resident Sussan, who did not want to disclose her last name, said she was worried about her childrens' safety.

"Our kids play in that park and they [the police] are not telling us what's happening," she said.

Residents said that they heard helicopters overhead from 7.30am, when it is believed the police search of the area started.

Critique: It is a sheer pity to hear the news of this six year old girl who has been missing for more than a month. Since the police are putting lots of efforts in the investigation, I believe that it appears to be close to a result already. Let's pray that she can return home safely soon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Qantas jet turns back after large hole appears in shell around engine

A Qantas flight 747 that carrying 212 passengers and a crew of 18 forced to turn back San Francisco due to engine failure. A passenger has described hearing a "deep metallic groan" and seeing flames streaming from a Sydney-bound Qantas jet engine after it failed and punched a hole in the metal shell around it.

After troubleshooting, the pilots decided to shut the engine down and dumped the fuel as a precaution. They also made an appropriate decision to head back San Fracisco.

Luckily, there were no injuries during the landing, Qantas spokesman Simon Rushton said, and the plane was able to pull up to the aerobridge at the terminal so passengers could get off the plane.

Although engine failure is a very rare event, Barry Jackson of the Australian and International Pilots Association said pilots had always been trained regularly for it. He said the captain would have followed a standard drill that involved shutting down and isolating the engine from other parts of the plane. Besides, dumping fuel was also necessary to get the plane's weight down to its maximum landing weight, he said.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US said Qantas would prepare a report for the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board.

"Whatever Qantas does is going to have to meet with our approval too," an FAA spokesman said.

"The bottom line is we want to make sure and know that that aircraft is airworthy when they are saying they want to put it back on line."

Critique: Always, there are things that happened out of our expectations. Therefore, precautionary measures should often be taken to help us get ready to deal with the worse situation. Life is unpredictable, we can never forecast what is going to happen in the next second.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ten dead in NZ from swine flu

Swine flu is continuing to spread in New Zealand, health officials have said as the death toll rose to 10 and some areas reported more people in hospital than during last year's pandemic.
Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the global pandemic over, H1N1 "is the most common strain of influenza circulating" in New Zealand, director of public health Mark Jacobs said.

"So far this year there have been 10 deaths reported as linked to swine flu," he said, up from six a week ago.
More than 500 people have been admitted to hospital with lab-confirmed swine flu so far this year with 16 treated in intensive care.
With vaccine supplies dwindling, Jacobs said arrangements were being made to make another 35,000 doses available.
Although the WHO has said the swine flu pandemic has "largely run its course" it did acknowledge that severe outbreaks could still occur in some countries.

Critique: Apparently, due to the fast-pace of technology, the spreading of diseases is never slowed down as well. A variety of new viruses has been increasingly widespread around the world. Be it fatal or not, it significantly affects human beings and animals. Therefore, preventive measure should be taken. As a start, personal hygiene must always be concerned no matter where we go. This might not ensure a healthy body, but it can at least minimise the viruses that attacking us.

Wyatt Roy reluctant to claim victory

Wyatt Roy (born 1990) is an Australian politician. Since August 2010, he has been a Liberal National Party of Queensland member of the Australian House of Representatives, representing the electorate of Longman. At 20 years of age, he is the youngest person ever to be elected to an Australian parliament. Being as Australia's youngest federal MP, he claimed that he is not yet confident enough to claim victory even though he had won 52 per cent of the vote (33,221) in the Queensland seat of Longman.

"We're still not calling it. There are a lot of postal votes to be counted ... it could go either way still," he told ABC radio today.

"The reality is if I am elected I will have to work twice as hard to be considered half as good."

He told the media that people rarely demanded 'age' from the politician. Instead, they would require honesty, integrity and accountability. In addition, they see a good politician as someone who will listen.

As a student in Buderim, his favourite sport is supercars. Also, he likes to go boating with mates during his spare time.

Critique: Hmmm. Quite a good-looking man right? (haha) In fact, he is just elder than us a year. Yet, he is so capable to be elected to an Australian parliament. This proves that age is no longer an impediment or excuse to great success. Everyone has an untapped potential in certain areas of life. It is just a matter of time to let it be unleashed. Believe in yourselves! Have faith.

Chinese fake it with counterfeits of Australian wines

As mentioned in the title, chinese entrepreneurs are alleged for counterfeiting Australian wine, including their best-known brands, Penfolds, and promoting the fakes as quality wines in shops and trade fairs throughout the country. Surprisingly, even a small Australian wine producer from the southern Flinders Ranges also claimed to be one of the victims of Chinese counterfeiters. This might threaten the Australian wine industry's $143 million trade with China. For your information, China is Australia's fastest growing export wine market. From 2004, wine exports have surged by 84 per cent annually and in the last financial year 46 million litres of Australian wine landed in China: 21.5 million litres in bottle and 23.5 million litres in bulk.

''But brand pirating is not a huge threat to our industry because, apart from Penfolds, Australian brands don't yet have levels of awareness, or aren't in the price bracket to make them attractive pirate brand candidates. There are isolated cases - but it's not our biggest threat,'' said Matt Bahen, deputy general manager of Australian-owned wine distributor, The Wine Republic, in north China.

''Our biggest threat is cheapening 'brand Australia' with random branding in the hope of dumping more containers in China. If we start off cheap and treat Chinese consumers as fools then it's going to bite us.''

The trade fair stall and its promotional material looked highly ''proprietorial'', according to Penfolds' Melbourne-based intellectual property lawyer, Stephen Stern of Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

It even displayed pictures of Penfolds winemaker Peter Gago.

Critique: Counterfeit is always a sensational issue. Just like plagiarism, it undermine people's hardworks for creating the products or racking the ideas. Doubtless, it is hearts broken to see our hardworks being creditted to someone else who was stealing our ideas. Therefore, authorities in charged should always take this matter into serious consideration before the widespread of this issue becoming the scourge in the society.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aussie News: Q1 developer turns eye to Brisbane

Recently, the developer of the world's tallest residential tower Q1 on the Gold Coast has uncovered the plan to build a $250-million luxury apartment tower in Brisbane's central business district. After obtaining a small part of neighbouring land that currently accomodates a small apartment building, Sunland Group has presented its proposal for the 44-storey Carrington Tower opposite the Botanical Gardens at 140 Alice Street.  "We will be looking to create a very sculptural, iconographic tower that will really mark the entry into Brisbane from the southside of the city." Sunland Group managing director Sahba Abedian said. "It's a curvilinear building that really personifies the feminine form. If you look at the building it actually drapes out at the base that is not dissimilar to a beautiful dress - that's really the intent behind the tower." Besides, Mr Abedian was confident that this project will be approved by the Brisbane City Council due to its potentially unprecedented amount of of innovative sustainable design features, including the solar panels. "We have a strong track record and we also have a very strong client base that I have no doubt will be very excited when we launch this project," Mr Abedian said.

Critique : No doubt, we are live in an age of great changes. The skyline of the big cities are seemingly punctuated with all the tall buildings nowadays. Regarding to this project, it sounds great and impressive. However, there are some opportunity costs. From the comments posted, some respondents opposed to this high-rise development. They even sarcastically said that the residents from the building will soon enjoy the view of the dead trees in the Botanical Gardens as a consequence of the building's shadows. Significantly, there is no wrong to launch such big project like this but the site of the construction should always be considered in the first place.