Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Judge people by your heart, not eyes. We are learning =))

As the title written, Judge people by your heart, not eyes. We always forget about that. We easily get agitated by people's action and judge them. I did as well. We should understand that human's action could be of impulse. It is unforgiven because they somehow ever been thinking that wrong way. It is forgiven because you never know they might be so guilty and never-meant-to-do-so actually.

Time flies. I completed my pre-u finally. Praying hard for the result now of course. Recalling back the times spending at Inti. Making new friends, mingling around, fooling around, getting know each other better and better as time goes by. There were moments fulled with warmth, crazzzzzziness, misunderstandings and hatred I would say. I am not sure how you guys judge me. With what I did I reacted, with what you did you reacted, I gift a SORRY and a THANK YOU.

My future is uncertain. I am not sure which uni-life I am gonna get. Whether I am still with the same batch of buddies who I used to be with. I am not sure whether times could turn us into a true friend or not. What I know is: Days couldnt be any better without anyone of you appearing in my life. I try to be tough. Be good. Be a better person.
Have a nice day. Say 'Keju' ='))

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